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• 10/5/2018

Help me

I don’t know how this works. Can someone tell me how to make one of these?

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• 7/20/2018

Anyone have any idea how these lights work, and what they are???

So, in this world i visited I found these lights that simulate darkness, i'm trying to figure out how they work so I can use them myself, for my own projects. Please help!!
Ps. I think these MIGHT be surround lights, but, correct me if i'm wrong.
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• 7/18/2018

How to Edit and Overwrite an object?

I am unable to edit and save an existing object. Pulling one object into the creation editor allows me to edit it, but save as a new one. Its a pain deleting the older one if I dont need to clone or keep the original object. What gives?
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• 5/26/2018


Lazarus is someone who loves Steven Universe..Well that's me!
I improve old stuff to be better..!
That's what I did with the Ship in Area 3, and the Background of the Green Mountain this Spring 2018, today? yep, it's today
I got help from patofry , egdemaster for the bridge part, and mello, Marie, Uzlo were highly supportive!
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• 3/2/2018

help manyland

people are slowly leaving manyland. i love this game and others too. maybe manyland should advertise more often on other sites like kongregate or other game sites. then manyland might become popular.
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