Bodies are Object Types that change the cosmetic appearance of the player. They can be placed and used by interacting with them in The World (including body collection areas such as Stockpile) or from within a menu such as the Inventory Panel or Motion Bar. New players will always start with an Explorer body by default.

Body Actions

Body action

Body objects have 9 cells for the different actions that a player makes. They are described at the bottom left of the editor. Some are used for multiple things: blinking for when the player's browser tab is unfocused, walking for when swimming and sit for when being killed. From left to right, the actions are:

  • Stand;
  • Walk;
  • Jump;
  • Fall;
  • Climb;
  • Create (When you are creating new objects);
  • Sit (When you are sitting down, on a chair etc.);
  • Blink (For this cell, only re-draw the part different from "Stand");
  • Talk (For this cell, only re-draw the part different from "Stand").


Motions can be added to bodies so they can make a certain action. You can use motions when you create a body and click "change".