The Environment Object Type is a type of object that creates an effect within the game. The effect is decided by the attribute applied. Only one attribute may be applied at a time.


The attributes for the Environment object type are listed here, with a short description of their effect.

  • Bubbles: Creates bubble-like particle effects surrounding the object.
  • Bursts: Creates burst particle effects near the object, with a sound effect.
  • City Air: Creates "city" ambience.
  • Color Bursts: Same as "Bursts", but with color.
  • Color Glitter: Creates a glitter effect near the object.
  • Color Reflictions:
  • Dripping: Creates a dripping effect underneath the object.
  • Floating:
  • Glimmer:
  • Glitter:
  • Harmful Air:
  • Harmful Cold:
  • Harmful Heat:
  • Heat:
  • Humming:
  • Lightning Cloud: Creates lightning bursts near/ around the object.
  • Mist:
  • Nature Air:
  • Night Air:
  • Ocean Air:
  • Rain Cloud:
  • Reflections:
  • Rumbling: Causes the ground to shake underneath the player.
  • Smoke:
  • Snow Cloud: Creates snowflakes around the object.
  • Stars: Creates Stars around the object.
  • Steam:
  • Storm Winds: Creates winds that give a stormy feeling (may sometimes move the player).
  • Sunshine:
  • Village Dust:
  • Wind: Creates a windy feeling around the player.