Green Mountain Gallery

The largest art gallery in Manyland

The Green Mountain Gallery is a gallery area made by the user Death in Spring 2017. It is home to paintings and sculptures from hundreds of Manyzens, most are Big Thing or Very Big Thing type pieces. The area can be found on the left-hand side of Area 3 Spawn.

The area was created due to the mass cluttering of art all along that side of the area after the Airplane Simulator was pulled down.

Users are able to submit their work on the Writable outside the gallery door.


Graffiti Wall


The gallery contains a large graffiti wall of signatures and tags made by the community, most notably Ninjamal. It has an urban setting with sound effects.



Some artists, such as Lighte and Georjo have sections of the gallery devoted to their artwork. There is also a section dedicated to community works made of game developer Philipp.