The Inner Ring is one of the first areas created in Manyland. Only Spawn Editor Manyzens can edit in the Inner Ring, but it's still accessible to everyone else sans editorship. This area is accessible through any of the Ring Areas via the Ring Portal present in the spawn point of each of them.

The Inner Ring features very old structures and creations, ranging between hundreds and thousands of days old, due to the editorship of its entirety being limited to Spawn Editors, making it the only one out of the other 8 main areas to present this quirk. Also unlike the other Ring Areas, its center isn't where the Ring Portals are present, with each Ring Portal separated from the Inner Ring's spawn point by 400 manymeters, and each Ring Portal divided in a ring shape, with the Inner Ring's center namely in the middle of the ring.

Before the Outer Ring Areas were made easier to visit and player-made areas were introduced, players had to explore Area 1 and become Spawn Editors before being allowed to access other areas via the Ring Portals in the Inner Ring.