Instruments are holdable items that let you make sounds and music.

You can see notes others play on a similar instrument highlighted on your own instrument if it's held. You can right-click your instrument display to show the notes, like "C#'.

There are currently 11 different holdable instruments:

  • Piano - has a piano keyboard interface with three octaves of keys
  • Classic Piano - A variant of the Piano with more realistic sounds.
  • Bells - A high pitched bell sound using the piano interface.
  • Bongo - has 8 keys of different bongo drum sounds
  • Drums - has an interface that has 22 keys that play different percussion sounds
  • Guitar - An acoustic guitar with a guitar string-esque interface with 54 keys
  • E-Guitar 1, 2 & 3 - Electric guitar variants of the acoustic guitar.
  • Trumpet - Uses the piano interface. (Added in 2017-10-31 Update)
  • Fiddle - A violin/fiddle that uses the piano interface. (Added in 2017-12-15 Update)