Light is a category of objects that color the background. They only affect users within a small radius and gradually decrease in intensity as you move away from them. They can be combined together for a stronger effect or different colors.

To create any of the different subtypes of Light, select "Light" from the object creation menu and click "Change".



The default appearance of Light can be altered by selecting "Pulsating" and/or "Thick" from the options menu. The former causes the intensity of the color to slowly fluctuate over time, and the latter increases the color saturation. Multiple Lights will also increase color saturation.

Top Light

Top Light objects create a gradient of the color on top of the background and can be used with other Light objects. Multiple Top Lights will not increase color saturation.

Fill Light

Fill Lights fill the background with areas of solid color. The area of the screen that is colored can be changed by selecting one of several modes in the editor options menu. Where Fill Lights overlap, only the most recently placed will be visible.

Surround Light

Surround Lights create a vignette overlay at the border of the screen. Their coverage of the screen can be increased by selecting "Thick" or "Very Thick" from the options menu. Multiple Surround Lights will not increase color saturation.

Light Glow

Light Glow objects do not apply color effects to the background. They are intended to represent a light source, e.g. a lantern. They are made up of two cells, with the second cell being 38x38 pixels and appearing translucent. The appearance and behaviour of the second cell can be changed by selecting from the editor options menu. Light Glow objects do not affect other Light objects.

Creation Details

Size: 19x19

Borders required to touch: 0

Rank required: 5

Rotated with right click? Yes

Flipped with right click? No

Light also needs good visibility.

The first color in your palette determines the color of the light. You do not need to use this color in the object. When placed, they are translucent.