Liquid objects are objects that the player can swim in. By default, liquids will slowly harm the player. If the "Harmless" attribute is checked, the player will not be harmed other than drowning. If the "Extra Harmful" attribute is checked, not only will the player drown, but they will quickly take damage as well. The "Thick" attribute makes the splash noise lower pitched and the player sinks in the liqiud. The "Heals" attribute makes the liquid heal the player and the player doesn't take any drowning damage. Note that You can't have harmless, extra harmful, and/or heals checked at the same time. The "Pushes Left" and "Pushes Right" attributes cause the liquid to push the player similar to pushings.

Changing Liquid

The default type of liquid flips the tile left and right randomly. This type has two frames that it changes between much like a changing thing.

Creation Details

Size: 19x19

Borders required to touch: 4

Rank required: 5

Rotated with right click? No

Flipped with right click? No

Liquid objects tile behind other types much like back objects.