A very big thing portrait of Yumeko.

Dreamer-san or Yumeko is the name of a character that users will play as while exploring the map. When players first arrive, interacting with it will automatically place them in their body. The body allows certain events to trigger as well as letting the user "pinch themselves awake", which causes them to die so their spawning location can be reset. 

Dreamer-san's gender is open for interpration, being intentionally androgynous. While technically genderfluid, their gender is completely up to the individual player.

While exploring, the player can also find hidden eggs that contain altered Dreamer-san bodies to match the area they are found in. These bodies are mostly cosmetic, though some come with unique animations and motions.

Images Name Location Decription
Dreamerog Yumeko

Weird Plaza


This is the default Dreamer-san body that the player will spawn in upon entering LSDdream.

This Dreamer-san has grey skin, pink eyes, short black hair, and lavender pajamas and nightcap.

Dreamermono Mono Yumeko Monochromia Mono Dreamer-san is a grey scale version with them wearing a sort of jester version of their normal pajamas.
Dreamerelf Elf Yumeko Mushroom Desert

Elf Dreamer-san has pointed ears, a purple ponytail and red-ish orange clothing. 

This outfit mimics the character Marc, whom the dream world is based around. 

Dreamerleaf Leaf Yumeko Fauna Grotto This Dreamer-san has green skin, light green hair and has clothing made of leaves and vines. The puff ball on their hat is replaced with a flower.
Dreamersnow Albino Yumeko Tundra

This Dreamer-san has them with red eyes and white hair, as well as a added scarf and boots. Their nightcap is now a beanie and their clothes are dark.

The skin, like the area it's found in, is based off of the character Jérémie.

Dreamersweet Sweet Yumeko Sweets World This Dreamer-san has peach skin, brown eyes and pink frosting hair with red sprinkles. Their clothes are chocolate brown with gumdrop buttons.
Dreamerpainter Painter Yumeko Paintworld

This Dreamer-san is similar to the default skin, but inside of pajamas they are wearing a painting smock covers in paint.

The puffball on their hat is replaced with the tip of a paintbrush.

Dreamereye Eye Yumeko Docks

This Dreamer-san has black skin and dark clothes that almost blend together. They also have one giant eye on for a face. 

This design reflects some of the other black creatures that can be found on the dock.

Dreamermemory Reality Yumeko Memory Beach This Dreamer-san has a red sunset tint and is missing their hat. Instead of pajamas, they wear a private school uniform.
Dreamermer Mer Yumeko The Aquarium

This Dreamer-san is a body that comes in two peices. The first piece is the upper half of the body, with dreamer-san having teal skin, finlike ears and dark sea weed-like hair.

The second piece is a dynamic mermaid tail that lets the player swim around in the aquarium.

Dreamerrave Rave Yumeko Rave City Like the citizens of Rave city, this Dreamer-san has dark blue skin with neon clothes and hair. They are wearing an outfit typical of rave culture.
Dreamergame Game Boy Yumeko Retro Zone This Dreamer-san is designed like an old black and green Game Boy sprite. 
Dreamerghoul Ghoul Yumeko ??? (Ghoul Faces Area) This Dreamer-san matches the creatures found in ???, being a white, melting blob with red, oozing eyes and mouth.

Headless Yumeko

Blood Sewers This Dreamer-san is missing their head and has blood covering their feet and hands. Their pajamas are also bright red in hue.
Dreamerrust Rust Yumeko Meat Farm This Dreamer-san is wearing a pair of over-alls covered in blood. Their face is is horribly mutalated and bloody and they are missing an arm.
Dreamerglitch Inverted Yumeko Glitch Tower

This Dreamer-san is a copy of the cap-less version, but with inverted colors. 

The animations for this body are also all glitched in some way