Manyland Wiki

This page houses all of the policies situated on this Wiki. These policies are decided by the community and are added to this page when approved. All users participating on this Wiki must follow the Manyland Etiquette as well.

Page Creation Policy

All users wishing to create pages must follow this policy.

  1. To create a page of your own area, you must have between 20 to 50 productive and/or regular edits (this includes correcting spelling and grammar).
    • For those who just want to suggest an area page, please view this Blog post to find out more.
  2. Pages of users are not allowed. If you would like to write about yourself, please use your own profile page.

Editing Policy

All users wishing to edit pages must follow this policy.

  1. Please don't create masses of test edits on article pages. You may use Project:Sandbox or create a personal sandbox to test templates/structures.
  2. Edit-warring should be avoided. If there is a disagreement, please discuss
  3. Vandalism, spam, and self-advertising are not allowed. Self-advertisements should be done on your own profile page.

Media Policy

  1. Images and videos of 18+ content, profanity, or gore must not be uploaded or if uploaded, should be censored.
  2. Please use a descriptive name for your file. "iuehaeigual.jpg" is not a good example compared to "Philipp's_Birthday_2015_Dancefloor.png".
  3. Ideally, screenshots should be used. Please don't take a picture of your screen and upload it, as it's generally of bad quality.
  4. Please attribute in-game screenshots and graphics to the screenshotter and to the Manyland team (as they developed the game). Manyland Snapshots tell you the name of the person who took the screenshot.