Minfinity window

The window shown once the player has bought Minfinity

Minfinity is a one-month-long backer donation of $5 USD to Manyland, which gives the player (now a Minfinitizen) a few benefits in return. At the end of the month, players can choose to purchase it again or not.



The window shown to a non-Minfinitizen when they click/tap the Minfinity button on their profile

Buying Minfinity comes with a few small perks for the player.
  • Infinite amount of Boosts (Boosts still add up each day, but aren't used up while using Minfinity);
  • Giving of Mifts for free. (Normally Mifts cost $1 USD individually);
  • A Backer symbol (Backer symbol) on their profile;
  • The ability to disable the ad border (along with the ads themselves), using the "togglead!" command.