A Solid (Solidicon) object is an Object Type that, as the name suggests, is solid. Neither the player nor most object types that the player can interact with are able to pass through these solid objects, making them useful for anywhere where you wish to stay confined, such as floors, walls and roofs.

Solid objects are the most widely object types used in other areas, and is the first object that is placed automatically when creating an area for the first time.


  • Behind: Sets the z-index of the object to -1, meaning that other object types overlay the object with this attribute checked.
  • Auto-filled: Allows back types to fill behind the object. Unless the given object has 1 or more transparent pixels, the back will never be visible behind it.
  • Clonable: Allows other players to edit the object.



Typical one-way objects found in Area 3

A One-Way object is only passable through one-way, and are solid from the other side. One-ways will have their solid side facing upwards from the object by default, and rotating it will change the direction of which the solid part is. One-ways are commonly used as jump-through platforms and passable walls.


  • In front: Sets the z-index of the object to 1, meaning that other objects are overlayed by the object with this attribute checked.
  • Clonable: Allows other players to edit this object.


A Sticky object sticks the player to the solid object, making the player unable to jump and slow to move. Movement will return to normal as soon as contact with the body ends.


  • Clonable: Allows other players to edit this object.