Rank 5 notification

The Rank 5 notification

Spawn Editor, otherwise known as Ring Rank (Ring Symbol) or Rank 5 is the highest possible player rank available. Spawn Editors have an extended amount of abilities that Manyzens of previous ranks do not have. The player has successfully gotten said rank once a pop-up notification window explains that the user can edit at spawn zone centers and the Inner Ring.


This is a list of the abilities that Spawn Editors have, beyond the ones already guaranteed by previous ranks:

  • Creating Medium types;
  • Creating Open Edits areas;
  • Placements within 100 Manymeter (spawn zone center) of Open Edits Areas and Ring Areas, and permanent placements beyond 300 Manymeter;
  • Placements inside the Inner Ring;
  • Area-locking users of Ranks 0-2;
  • Flag reports are taken into greater consideration by the automated system, meaning a Spawn Editor report is "worth" more than those by users of previous ranks.


The exact requirements for receiving the rank are unknown, as the process is almost completely automated, and the system which respectively automates the process may change specific requirements with no previous warning. Specific requirements are also rarely shared to the public to avoid abuse of the system or other irregularities which would require an increased number of manual input from the developers, mainly Philipp. Otherwise, most of the general requirements are based in the player's compliance towards general in-game etiquette, such as avoiding breaking the rules and consequentially earning flag reports, and being respectful towards other players.