The World is the union of hundreds of thousands of areas, either player-made or surfacing a Ring Portal, that are formed within Manyland.

It has an infinite capacity of areas and a "minfinite" diameter between each area (including the Rings), meaning that every world has the capacity of storing infinite objects.

The World is divided into 2 major groups:

  • The Outer Ring, which is composed of both the Main Areas (Areas 1-8) and the thousands of user-made areas. The Main Areas can be connected to the Inner Ring via the Ring Portals; special transporting items which cannot be created, deleted, cloned or moved normally; in the spawn area of each Main Area. All non-logged in users will first spawn in one of the Main Areas if they have not specified the area they wish to visit, i.e. through a URL link;
  • The Inner Ring, an area only editable to Spawn Editors that connects the Ring Portals in the spawn area of each Main Area to the Inner Ring. It is one of the first areas created in the game.