Adding a sound to a profile makes it impressive once clicked. However, be aware that a lot of players don't play with their sounds on.

You will need

  • Basic knowledge of dynamics
  • A sound type you'd like to use (There are holders with sound types by Qusion, Ileo, and Ocelot)
    Sound holders

    Examples of holders with sound types

  • Boosts


  1. Select the sound you want to use for your profile and add it to your inventory.
    Remember that sounds play at most once per second, so you would want to select a short sound (such as a ping sound). Sounds also play when the profile is closed, so you might want to preview the sound more than once because it can be annoying for some users. You can preview sounds by clicking them or placing and walking over them.

    Selecting a sound from a holder.

  2. Open the Creation Editor and set the type to Dynamic.
    You may also clone an existing dynamic, however, it's recommended you don't clone one if you're new to dynamics because it may be confusing.
  3. In the dynamic code window (Code window button) include "play sound" in your 0: line. See the Dynamic page or the help page on Manyland for help on how to write a Dynamic.
    It has to be on the 0: line so players can hear it instantly when your profile is opened, also because players don't tend to spend a long time opening profiles. Don't forget to restart it at preferably 5, 10 or 15 seconds.
  4. Attach your sound to the dynamic by clicking the Creationeditortriangle button, and then Add Sound...
    The Add Sound... button will show colour when there is a sound added to it. There is only space for one sound, so if you like many sounds you will have to choose one.
  5. Optional. Write the visuals for your dynamic. See the Dynamic page or the help page on Manyland for help on how to write a Dynamic.
  6. Save your dynamic and name it something memorable if you ever bin it later on. Naming it "gruhgi" won't help you find it because you may not remember what it was called. I tend to name mine "prof dyn" which is short for "profile dynamic".

    The bottom-left menu.

  7. Open the Boosts window by pressing Ctrl + B or selecting Boosts in the bottom-left menu.
  8. Select Customization (it's where 12 o'clock would be on an analogue clock)
  9. Drag and drop your newly created dynamic on the set profile dynamic boost and click that same boost button. (it's about 2 o'clock on the wheel)
  10. Brag to your friends.


  • Place your dynamic first to ensure it works before you go on and boost it on your profile in order to conserve boosts. If you have Minfinity, you don't need to worry about this.
  • Long, musical tunes can be annoying on profiles but they still work nonetheless.
  • Music types do not work. Only sound types work on profiles.